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Reforming Health Care

Too many families, individuals, and small businesses face dramatically higher health care costs. People have lost the power to choose their own doctor or the health plan that’s best for them. You deserve more choices and patient-centered care, not more mandates from Washington bureaucrats under a one-size-fits-all approach. 
I support these common sense reforms:
Expand access to health care by protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, allowing dependents up to age 26 to stay on their parent’s plan, and prohibiting insurers from turning away patients when you renew your plan simply because you may be sick.
Provide more choices and lower costs by making health insurance portable from job to job and into retirement years, allowing sales across state lines, permitting small business to pool together to purchase cheaper insurance, and enacting medical liability reform to reduce costs that result from defensive medicine.
Pay for quality, not quantity. We should pay our health care providers based on how well they keep patients healthy – not just for the number of tests or procedures they order. Tying money to results will help get better health care outcomes.
Expand Health Savings Accounts so families can shop around for the best care at the lowest price and make costs transparent so consumers understand what health treatments cost.
Focus on prevention and wellness to save money before chronic condition costs become prohibitively expensive.
Invest in research at the NIH and improve our regulatory processes, so that new, innovative treatments are developed to cure Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, ALS, Cancer, and the thousands of rare diseases that exist.

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