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House Clears Paulsen Opioid Legislation

Washington –The House of Representatives last night approved H.R. 5775, the Providing Reliable Options for Patients and Educational Resources (PROPER) Act, bipartisan legislation authored by Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) that combats the opioid epidemic by educating seniors about alternative non-opioid pain management treatments and on the proper, safe disposal of prescription painkillers.

The legislation was approved by unanimous bipartisan voice vote. Rep. Paulsen issued the following statement after its passage:

“Every day, 115 Americans die from opioid overdose,”Paulsen said. “And while seniors aren’t typically thought of as an at-risk demographic, half a million seniors are regularly prescribed large doses of opioids and more than 90,000 are at ‘high risk’ of addiction. One of our best tools to combat the epidemic is education: informing Medicare beneficiaries about non-addictive alternatives to opioids, and on how to properly dispose of opioids when they’re prescribed,” said Paulsen.  

The legislation will help seniors better understand their options for pain management, and educate them on how best to safely dispose of their medications. It also instructs care providers to assess the ‘whole patient’ when delivering advice on pain management.