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At Paulsen's Invitation, Minn. Health Care Co. Talks Medical Innovation Before Key House Panel


Washington –Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) this week welcomed Dr. Becki Hafner-Fogarty, Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy of Zipnosis, Inc., to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee’s Health Subcommittee to discuss groundbreaking work the Minneapolis company is doing in the areas of telemedicine, as well as her perspectives on cutting edge trends in health care innovation.

“Innovative delivery practices are happening across America's health care system,”said Congressman Paulsen. “Providing access to these innovative technologies and delivery methods could generate greater efficiency, greater access, increased positive outcomes and reduce costs and burdens in Medicare.”

“Zipnosis, which is based in Minnesota, has developed state-of-the-art telemedicine practices and platforms that are helping provide patients with high quality care,”Paulsen continued. “Unfortunately, many beneficiaries may lose access to these innovations once they turn 65 unless changes are made in outdated laws and regulations.” 

“Minnesota has long been a leader in health care innovation,” said Dr. Hafner-Fogarty in her testimony to the Subcommittee.“Our med-tech trade organization has a whopping 495 disruptive members and are known across the country-- even around the globe, as strong creative thinkers.”

Hafner-Fogarty discussed some of the obstacles in the way of delivering cutting edge, cost effective care to patients.

“Today’s healthcare landscape is characterized by too many patients and not enough physicians and other caregivers to serve them; as well as a culture that seems to value convenience over relationship,”said Hafner-Fogarty. “Equally important is the changing way we define and create patient-provider relationships.”

“So, if we are to transform healthcare in the face of these challenges, we must be willing to think differently and to be different,” Hafner-Fogarty said.

Dr. Hafner-Fogarty’s prepared testimony to the Subcommittee can be accessed in its entirety here. Her discussion with Congressman Paulsen during the hearing is available here.

Hafner-Fogarty’s appearance before the Subcommittee marks the second time in recent weeks that a Minnesota employer appeared before Congress to share its story at Congressman Paulsen’s invitation. Last week, Richard Hampton, Chairman of Circuit Interruption Technologies, Inc., of Rogers, Minn. appeared before Paulsen’s Joint Economic Committee to share the benefits to Minnesota’s workers and economy as a result of tax reform. Hampton discussed how his company had boosted wages, expanded hiring, increased contributions to employee 401(k)s and is considering bringing manufacturing back to American shores.