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Paulsen Statement on Duluth Trump Rally

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) today issued the following statement on the rally being held by the President in Duluth, Minn. today:

"I'm rallying in Washington today to get votes on legislation that ends the unconscionable practice of separating kids from their parents at the border and gives certainty to young DACA recipients," Paulsen said. "That's our job, and that's what Minnesotans sent me here to do."

"I signed the discharge petition to force this debate in Congress over the objection of many in my own party," Paulsen continued. "But this debate is more important than party, it’s about the security of our nation and about who we are as a people. The DACA kids and the children being taken from their parents at the border deserve the compassion that has made our nation a shining city on a hill for generations of immigrants."

Paulsen earned praise from his colleague Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), who has been a leader in the House in the effort to reform our immigration system and fix DACA. 

“I'm grateful to my colleague Erik Paulsen for his commitment to reforming our country's immigration laws in a way that secures the border, provides certainty and protections for young immigrants in the DACA program, and puts an end to the separation of children from their parents at the border,” Curbelo said. “In anticipation of immigration votes in the coming days, Erik and I are working intensely to build support for legislation that achieves these important goals.”