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Paulsen Urges Reversal of Policies Leading to Family Separation at the Border

Washington –Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) issued the following statement today on reports of families being separated at our borders:


“It’s heartbreaking to hear about the situation along our border and the stories of children being removed from their moms and dads,”said Congressman Paulsen. “As the parent of four daughters, I cannot imagine the fear, trauma and confusion these children are going through after being separated from their parents.


“The United States should not forcibly break up families. That is just not what America is about.


“These families are seeking to come to the United States for a multitude of reasons, but fundamentally it is to build a better life than they left behind in their home countries. We have a responsibility to secure our borders and enforce our laws. But how we enforce those laws is a reflection of our values and who we are as a country.


“Tearing families apart should not be our policy and the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security should reverse this decision,”Paulsen said.