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Energy & Environment

America has enjoyed an energy renaissance by dramatically increasing our domestic production capabilities. This has lowered energy prices for working families and reduced our dependence on foreign oil. American energy production creates American jobs. 
We need affordable, cleaner renewable energy solutions including solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, and biofuels. States like Minnesota have been leaders in diversifying our energy supply. We also need to boost domestic supplies of natural gas and oil by exploring in the outer continental shelf. 
I support an energy policy that will ensure American businesses and families always have access to affordable and reliable energy sources. We should continue to be a leader in research and development of the next generation of energy technology and energy efficiency. Increasing energy efficiency is good for our economy and for our environment. 
Bringing our energy policy into the 21st century will also be good for our environment. We must continue to work toward bipartisan solutions that will allow us to meet our energy needs, grow the economy, and pass on a clean environment to the next generation. We can achieve a balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship.

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