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Defending Our Homeland

Our national sovereignty rests in our ability to defend the nation from those who want to harm us. Despite the fact that we've made great strides in terms of national security since 9/11, securing the safety of our nation and citizens remains our greatest duty. However, America is facing unprecedented global challenges, and our enemies will stop at nothing to disrupt the American way of life.
I support a strong national defense that provides our military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies with the tools and resources necessary to ensure our safety and security. A strong national defense paired with a clear and concise foreign policy is critical to meeting the security challenges we face both internationally and domestically. We must reduce our dependence on foreign oil and assist our allies around the world in doing the same. 
As our brave men and women continue to serve throughout the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, they deserve our full and unwavering support. The security we all enjoy here at home is a direct result of their selfless sacrifice, and I stand firmly behind these brave Americans, their families, and their mission.